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MSRP: 15.99


Enjoy aromatherapy in your car with the Clip'Arôme Vertigo Car Diffuser. This stainless steel car diffuser clips onto the air vent and creates a healthy and pleasant atmosphere in the vehicle. Its stainless steel material and its pattern allow it to bring a design touch to your cabin. This beautiful pattern is called “Vert-Tige” brings to your journeys the original decorative touch with a natural and zen side! The Clip'Arôme have the particularity of being very easy to use and autonomous. Their commissioning is quick and their maintenance is easy. Thanks to the blotter that you imbibe with the scent you want, a pleasant diffusion will be done in your car. Blotters in different colors are provided, making it easy to change essential oils or scents.

Zen Arome Clip'Arome Car Diffuser

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