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Hi, I'm Jessica!

My life is on fast-forward, always. I started this EverythingProof journey shortly after I graduated with my master's degree in marketing. I had a major life crisis at the exact same time! When I started this, I was at an absolute low. Dealing with a sick loved one takes a lot out of you. YouTube and sharing products I loved gave me something to think about that wasn't cancer. It gave me a network of thousands of women on my side. It reminded me what it is like to dream and set goals and be HAPPY!


Thank you for joining me on this journey. Whatever roll you have in my life and my hobby, thank you so much for being a part of it. I would have none of it without you all.

20 Fast Facts

💋 I am a dog mother to two fur  

     babies Cappuccino & Cannoli.

     my dogs are my children. 🐶 

💋 I pretty much juggle 3-4 things at

     all times. Busy makes me happy.

💋 I drink Starbucks every single day.

💋 Gift-giving is my love language.

💋 I love pineapples, and my 

     nickname is "baby pineapple"🍍

💋 I am extremely organized.

💋 I am a Star Trek enthusiast, but not

    quite a Trekkie. 🖖

💋 I read 4-5 books per month

💋 I research everything 

💋 Makeup really is my second love.

💋 I speak the basics of 5 different


💋 Penguins are my favorite animal. 🐧

💋 I love to travel. 🌎

💋 I really want to go to Law School 

     and practice International Business

     Law or Corporate M&A Law

💋 I struggle with anxiety

💋 I am "flexitarian" or "semi-vegan." 

💋 I have lived in CA my whole life.

💋 I have a Master's in Business

💋 I'm not smirking I just have an
     asymmetrical smile. 

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