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MSRP $28.90



  • 👩‍🔬 The Gratitude Sidekick Journal is a research-based journal that will help make an attitude of appreciation a core part of who you are
  • ✍️ Reflect on a new gratitude theme daily
  • 💌 Be WAY more supportive of yourself mentally
  • 🥛 Hone a perspective of practical optimism



The Sleep & Evening Routine Sidekick Journal is a guided journal that helps you understand the importance of an intentional evening routine and good sleep hygiene. 

  • The journal provides you with all the resources you need to consistently perform an evening routine that fits YOUR life, along with helping you get great sleep on a regular basis.
  • 💡 Comes with daily thought-provoking, informative & actionable content.
  • A Comprehensive Daily Tracking System: Set and track your sleep target, lights-out time, ways to improve your sleep, your evening routine, and answer thought-provoking questions to improve the quality of your life.
  • ⏱ Takes 5 minutes a day

Habit Nest Sidekick Journal MSRP $28.90

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