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Summer 2023 Silver Customizations

Silver Bear: select 5 customizations from the options below and checkout

1. Only select 1 for each brand/product. If you select more than one variation your customization may be cancelled.

2. Only select 5 items. You can checkout with less and submit multiple orders as long as you have a total of 5 items.

3. You do not need to sign in! the sites are not connected please check out as if you were brand new to the site.

4. At checkout you will be charge $0. Inventory will change when you complete the checkout process, items in cart may sell out while you are shopping/browsing. The only way to secure an item is to checkout.

5. You will get an email immediately after checkout with your  confirmed customization. 

Happy Summer



If an item is restocking or restocked I will put a note under it as soon as confirmed with the supplier. 

Customization Checkout:

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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