Winter 2020 Silver Customizations

You are a Silver Bear if you received this link: select 5 customizations from the options below and checkout

This is a temporary solution for the Winter 2020 box because the survey could not handle everyone logging in at the exact same time! I am researching a permanent fix for the future, but for Winter 2020 you will need to checkout like you are in an online store. 


You can only select 1 of each of the photos listed below. I separated the eye shadow palettes. If you want both, you can have both. Everything else you have to choose the option you want from the drop down menu.


If you want to check out with less than your box size (box size = 3-Bronze, 5-Silver, 7-Gold) and add more later that is okay, but you can't checkout with more or I will cancel your order. This will be useful when you want to make sure to get a product before it sells out, but don't know what other options you want just yet. Just add that one item to checkout to secure it. 


At checkout you will be charged $0 for your selections. Inventory will change when you checkout so items in cart can still sell out while you are shopping. If you want to secure an item, checkout with it right away. To checkout click on the shopping bag at the top of the page.

You will immediately get an email from me with your customizations! Please use the same email address you used when you signed up for GoldieBoxed so that I can match your customizations to yoursubscription. 

Thank you all so much!!! 

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